Sesquipedalian, Gasconading, Remunerative

Does anybody know big words that they would like to share.  There are probably a ton of  these words that nobody ever uses and we think it would be good of you if you have a background of using these words to help us all learn what they mean and how to use them in a scentance.  Please contribute a word, explains what it means and use it in a scentance for us.  Here are some examples of how we think the words might be used, but I mean really, have you ever heard anybody in your life talking like this.

What kind of a person would use words like these.  They are kinds of like forgotten words or something.  You can go around and talk with a lot of people and never hear these words.  Can you imagine talking with somebody that does.  It would be like "what did that person say."  It would almost be kind of neet to run into somebody that talks that way.  Just to see if they have somebody to talk to.

Again, of these three words, here is how we think they might be used.  But please help us understand these words and have some fun here writing sentences with big words.  We are either going to laugh, get a kick out of it, learn something new or never figure out what you posted.  Thanks!