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Snap Rid is a smartphone app (which you can get free from the Android Market) that allows you to use your cell phone as a pocket retail store.  Everybody can use it to sell products.  It is especially useful if you have things that you don't want anymore and you want to get rid of it.  Hence, the app is named snap rid.  Because you snap a picture of the product with your mobile phone and get rid of it.

It also makes a great pocket retail shop.  With Technology today, why rent a store front for thousands a month when your mobile cell phone is practically the biggest retail store in the world, and your the owner.

Here are the steps to use the Snap Rid App

Step 1 - Snap a picture of the Item you want to sell with your cell or mobile phone camera. Snap Rid Step 1 - Take a picture with your smartphone
Snap Rid Step 2 - Type a price and description Step 2 - Enter the name of the Item, a brief description of the Item and the price you want to sell it for.
Step 3 - Post the product for sale.  The product will post to the Snap Rid website located at "" Snap Rid Step 3 - Post the item to the internet

How do I sell products on the internet using my cell phone?
Can I use my cell phone to sell products on the internet?
How to use a mobile phone to sell products on the internet?
products for sale using a cell phone camera.
Using an android to do product inventory.
How to create an entire retail shop using a cell phone.
mobile phone, cell phone, retail shop, online store, e-commerce using my phone to sell products is easy, just take a picture of something that you want to sell with your phone, type in the name of the item of the product that you want to sell, type in the description and price and click the post button.
One of the best ways to use your cell phone or mobile phone to make money is to use the built in camera on the cell phone and take a picture of things that you don't need any more and sell them on the internet.  You don't need to be a tech savey person to do it.  All you have to do is install the Snap Rid app from the android market.  It's easy to use and self explanitory.  It's like the garage sale without having to move everything out in front of your home and then move everything back inside after the day is over.  Best, you don't even have to wait for that special garage sale day or the time of year that the city says you can have a garage sale or when people in the neighborhood tell you that the whole entire block should hold a garage sale.  In fact, Snap Rid is an app that you can take a picture of stuff in your home that you want to get rid of and never have to move it.  Just use Snap Rid to take a picture of the things that you would normaly sell at the garage sale and instead of working with the price and loosing the only chance you have of making money and getting rid of stuff to make space or a little extra cash (and both is best, or otherwise, why hold the garage sale), you can use the Snap Rid app to take a picture of it, set a price and when somebody want's it, make the sale.  It stays on the internet until you sell the item.  You can change the price if it doesn't sell.  There really is no need to have an auction, just put it for sale for what you think it's worth and if you need the space more, you can always lower the price later.  But the good thing about it is that it goes for sale at the Snap Rid website, where people are searching for products.  Which means that if they are searching for the item that you want to get rid of, you pretty much have a buyer, locked in.  Think about it, would you search for something to buy that you didn't want?  Exactly, that's why you need the Snap Rid App for your smartphone.  Because you know when you put something for sale using he Snap Rid app, only people that want to buy it will make the purchase.  You don't have to worry about browsers that just want to check out your stuff.  The best part it that the Snap Rid App is free, so you can download it to your cell or mobile phone right now.  There are many people that have it in case they ever want to use it to sell there stuff.  So get the Snap Rid app right now, take a picture of something you've been meaning to get rid of and put a price on it.  Then check the snap rid web site and search for it to make sure it is for sale.  Don't wait until the garage sale day and go ahead and get lazy, because you don't have to move anything or do anything, just take your cell phone over and take a picture of it.  Yea, really, it's that easy, so why would you do it any other way.  Garage sales are a thing of the past.  The only people that are still going to garage sale now are people that don't have smart phones.  You know those people that drive buy looking through stuff at your garage sale.  What do you think they do when there aren't any garage sales going on.  That's right, there rumaging through the internet looking for stuff to buy.  So get Snap Rid right now and try it.  Put something for sale now, because there are people looking for it and there is no excuse for not following these steps:



3) GET IT!

4) USE IT!